Hi Tracey. I'd like to thank you for your dog training session with my puppy the other day, I found it very helpful, there were lots of ideas generated and clear strategies which I can easily use. I liked the way it was all very relaxed.I'm sure I will be using you again in the future..Best wishes Phil ( with Donis). 

Tracey has been training Olly our 18 month old, very excitable Springer Spaniel. We soon realised it was us that needed training- not only Olly, which Tracey did tactfully and patiently. Walking Olly on the lead was a challenge as he pulled. Now after advice on a new collar and lead and lots of gentle, calm positive praise, he is a joy to walk. He is much better behaved and calmer around the house and while off the lead his recall is a lot better, he loves his food rewards and toys. We trust Tracey totally with our precious family member. ( Ange and John with Olly).

Tracey's good manners dog training sessions are fantastic. She has all the necessary knowledge and patience to help owners understand how to guide their dogs towards better behaviour. My terrier and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and his behaviour has definitely improved. I have been able to pass on what I have learned to the rest of the family, and we are all benefiting from an improved relationship with the dog.  My two eldest sons were also able to attend some sessions, and Tracey couldn't have been more accommodating and welcoming to us all. Thank you! (Cecilia, Beano & Sid and Cosmo)

My name is Beulah Cheesman and I have a Border Collie called Jasmine. Jasmine is a lovely dog but can be very protective over me and bossy with other dogs. She does not bite them but will bark and growl in their face. I took her to training classes with Tracey. Jasmine is 8yrs old now and seems ready to want to learn again. She had basic training as a puppy. Through every session I was able to learn new approaches in training and Jasmine  has responded very well. She is a lot better when I meet dogs as I keep her focus on me when they go by. I am continuing to put into practice all that Tracey taught and Jasmine will start Fun Agility with Tracey in January 2014. I am very grateful for all the practical help I have received and would thoroughly recommend Tracey to anyone.

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how we are getting on with Pebble's new regime.  

We have had only one "accident" since her bed was moved into the downstairs shower room.  We had a week of whining at night but that seems to have stopped now (fingers crossed).  She is more content and settled and seems to be enjoying her walks more, even the morning ones.  She is much more confident with other dogs and takes a lot of interest in them.  A much happier dog all round.
Thanks for your help.

Comments about classes 

''It gives the dog a chance to socialise in a different environment and it encourages the owner to be patient and understanding with their dog. The dog also learns good manners!''

''the instructor was calm and thoughtful and everything was done with care and empathy for both the dog and owner''

''provided with very good information about all aspects of training. We have noticed the changes over the lessons each week. Also, very good value for money''

''We enjoyed the classes very much. It has been so beneficial to myself and my dog and I will continue on to the next course of training''

''Good one to one interaction and any questions were addressed in depth. One on one sessions for those dogs that needed it was very beneficial.''

''Thanks for everything, the course was great. I learned so much and we all had such good fun.You are so patient. It was great to see the change in the dogs and the owners by the end!''

“Having attended Tracey’s “Good Manners” class with Tanzy, my Jack Russell, I can whole heartedly recommend it.  The improvement in behaviour in such a short time was incredible.  Tracey made the classes fun for both dogs and owners.  Her enthusiasm was catching and really made me want to succeed although it is hard work, especially with a JRT!  If one method did not work, Tracey thought of another which did.  I shall certainly endeavour to keep up with the training and I hope to join more of Tracey’s classes.  The classes are small and you receive individual attention – unlike other classes I haver been to.”

''My little springer Sali was rehomed with us when she was 5 months old, she was very nervous and hyper! Initially the lessons with Tracey were very scary, all those other dogs, only 5 others!! As the weeks went by she settled down and started to enjoy the class and she learnt to watch and listen. When the introduction to Agility class was offered we literally 'jumped' at it, Sali loved it from day 1, her tail never stops wagging,and she does everything asked of her. The classes are simply good fun, every step is taken slowly and easily, there is no such thing as 'wrong', and it is so lovely to see how the dog responds so positively, its a good work out for the dog and owner and we all love the praise!!!'' Jacqui and Sali

'' I have taken two very different collies to Traceys Good Manners classes. Two year old strong willed Tom and very nervous seven year old Jack . Both have learned a lot . Tom adores agility and I am hoping to take Jack next.  I have found Tracey extremely helpful. '' Helen

 Comments about my talks & Canine Eduation Project

  'I found the activity very informative and thoroughly enjoyed it.'


  'Really enjoyed the session. Our guides, Tracey and dog Lola, were great. Tracey presented well and

  Lola was adorable and totally chilled.'


  'Very useful'


  'the trainer was professional and relaxed and gave good demonstration. It was great for her to bring      her dog and do some inspiring demonstrations.' 

   'Alex is our 8 year old foster son; He has various additional needs, including cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, and incredibly low self-esteem. Alex was especially fearful of dogs, often cowering away and becoming very distressed when they came into his orbit.

We initially consulted with Tracey whom we instantly connected with and felt would be understanding of Alex’s complex needs. At her recommendation, Alex was first introduced to Lola at our home, as this is where Alex feels most at ease.

The initial meeting (as with all subsequent ones) was carried out in a very controlled, calm and non-threatening manner, where all interaction was totally on Alex’s terms. Within the first hour his body language towards Lola was changing, and within a very short time he asked if we could take her for a walk - we seriously couldn’t believe that such dramatic progress was being made within Alex quite so quickly.

So far we have spent around 5 hours with Tracey and Lola and Alex now regards dogs with a healthy, tentative respect, rather than being consumed by an overwhelming fear. This is life changing stuff for what was once a very frightened little boy and I really can’t recommend them highly enough.'

A Stokes