Canine Connections

Green Frog Poultry houses are made from recycled plastic and are easy to clean and access every area of the house. They are cool in summer and warm in winter. We use them for boarders and some of our own groups of chickens and we love them. They look funky too! They arrive flat packed and are really easy to put together, and lightweight to move around. The houses mostly come in small, medium and large and the recommended numbers of hens per house are shown below as per the Soil Association recommendations for room per bird (Green Frog also quote the Poultry Club of Great Britain's' recommendations on their website who allow a little less room per bird, so you can add a bird or two to our quotes). These houses are a little more expensive than some wooden houses but they are very well built and last for years, AND they need NO maintenance!! No more creocoating to prevent red mite!

The houses come in a choice of blue, green or yellow colours.

We are agents for Green Frog and you can see several examples of the houses at our home in Walterstone and also more on their website Green Frog Designs

Below and here is a small selection of the products we can order for you, please contact us for the full range or look on the Green Frog website:

Here is the chicken house which comes in small (£290) for up to 2 large fowl  or 4 bantams, medium (£390) for up to 4 large fowl or 7 bantams and large (£410) for up to 6 large fowl or 10 bantams. It has one or two nest boxes according to size, removable nest boxes, fully removable back for easy cleaning, air vents, and optional legs, wheels and automatic door opener all available at extra cost.


Here is the chicken lodge, which is exactly the same as the chicken house, but on legs which makes it a little easier to clean out - not so far to bend! Feeding dispensers can also be put underneath the lodge so the chickens can shelter if it is raining-and ours do use this as a shelter! Wheels are not available for this model, but it is fairly lightweight so can be easily moved with two people.