Canine Connections

Here is the chicken loft available in small (£430) for up to 6 large fowl or 10 bantams, and medium (£500) for up to 10mlarge fowl and 15 bantoms.

Here is the chicken wagon (£725), a beautiful looking hen house which houses up to 6 large fowl or 12 bantams.

Here is the chicken barn (£530), which houses 7 large fowl or 16 bantams.

This is the small animal ark (£345), suitable for a trio of geese or 5-7 ducks as well as pygmy goats and pigs. There are also two duck houses available - small (£225) and large (£300) which house 2 large or 4 small, or 5 large or 8 small ducks. We have a large duck house and love it!