Canine Connections Dog Hotel

  NB UPDATE April 2021- The Dog Hotel is hoping to open from mid May. Please note that I am only able to take smaller dogs now under 20kg.

''The difference in picking Toby up from Tracey's is immeasurable, in comparison to any other kennel experience we've had. He's so happy!''

Individual Attention/Quiet/Enriched Environment/Secure

It is important to have a safe, secure environment to board your dog, so at Canine Connections Dog Hotel I have one quiet, luxury kennel to board your family pet (s) I also offer a large, safe, secure paddock area for your dog to exercise and play. There is also a small garden area attached to the Dog Hotel for morning play and evening toileting.

The specification of the Dog Hotel is based on the Dogs Trust flagship Centres where substantial research has been undertaken to design kennels which will cause the least stress for dogs in kennel environments.

Furthermore, as I only have one kennel at the Dog Hotel, every dog staying with me will receive a high level of individual attention and care.

 ''- we know he's having a great time and even get little text updates to let us know how he's doing whilst we're away.''

What I offer

  •  Plenty of individual attention
  •  Luxury individual accommodation
  •  Well ventilated and insulated                                 Long walk in the morning (can be individual or with company)
  •  Lunchtime play in our secure paddock
  •  Afternoon play in our paddock
  •  Evening toilet walk
  •  Grooming, attention and cuddles
  •  Natural light, DAP diffusers, use of Kong’s, aromatherapy smells to enrich the kennel area
  • Sound proofing to prevent stress from other dogs barking
  •  Cared for by a Professional Qualified Dog Trainer (Full Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers 01223)
  •  Fully Insured 
  • Underfloor heating
  •  Fire Alarm
  • Fully Licensed with Herefordshire Council


Please see below our costs for Boarding. 

If you have any questions, please give me a call or email me. You are always welcome to visit to see the facilities that are on offer. Every dog is individual, so I can cater for individual needs.

 NB All customers must read and sign the Full Terms and Conditions as well as complete a Registration Form in order to secure a booking.



One Dog (under 20kg) £27per day. ( 24 hours)

(Additional dog, under 20kg from the same family £13.50 day)

  •           50% of the full fee is payable on booking to secure your booking. The full balance needs to be paid seven days before arrival day-by BACS    Transfer/Paypal/Cheque/Cash. Cheques to be made payable to Tracey Prall and need to be cleared seven days before arrival.
  •             Bookings of four days or less require payment in full at time of booking. 

Please note, Bank Holidays are charged at Time and half and the period 24th December 2021-2ndJanuary 2022 with Christmas Day and Boxing Day and New Years Day charged at double time.


Since bringing Toby, our Labradoodle puppy home 3 years ago, we have only ever left him in kennels twice. Both times were out of necessity and each time we picked him up, we knew the experience wasn't for him. Although he would not show his anxiety in a particularly obvious way, we knew him well enough to see that it was a distressing experience. We simply couldn't do that to him again, knowing how much it didn't suit him. 

Fast-forward a couple of years and we have just returned home from his third trip to what we are now referring to as, 'his holiday home'!

We already knew Tracey through 1-1 dog training as she worked with Toby during his adolescent 'rough patch'...and completely trusted her knowledge and experience. When we found out that she had set up her own Luxury Dog Kennels, we were genuinely excited! 

Upon arrival of our first visit, we were greeted by a beautiful, safe and secure garden. Over to right, there were 2 kennels, each with two sections - night and day areas, if you like! We say kennels, but that always conjures up images of wire fencing, concrete floors and lots of barking. These are nothing like that, more like a doggy-sized hotel room, with proper doors, walls, easy-wash floors and plenty of light. There are even raised areas to put the bedding so it's not too cold for sleeping! 

Outside the sleeping areas, there is a huge, secure paddock for lots of off-lead running and playing; and throughout the day, plenty of walks with Tracey around the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Toby has come on leaps and bounds recently with his behaviour, but either way, we would have no problem leaving him with Tracey as she will continue to work on any positive reward training you're doing. 

The difference in picking Toby up from Tracey's is immeasurable, in comparison to any other kennel experience we've had. He's so happy! He bounds up to us when we arrive, with a relaxed face and the type of cheesy smile he has when he's really enjoying himself. Two seconds later, he's gone again - racing around the garden with his new doggy friend, Kilo (Tracey's dog). As they run, jump and tumble together (occasionally stopping for a drink and rest in the shade) we feel a bit mean having to drag him away from his holiday! 

He is always so excited to stay as it's just one big adventure for him. He's very well looked after and Tracey understands all his little quirks! We know he's in safe hands and so there is no element of worry - we know he's having a great time and even get little text updates to let us know how he's doing whilst we're away.

It's not only that he comes home happy (and wonderfully exhausted from all the positive stimulation), it's that we truly believe the experience benefits him. It provides him with an alternative from his everyday and a change of scenery! It truly is a home away from home...a 5* doggy retreat!

Rachael and Vicki

'' The lads absolutely love their mini-breaks to their home on the hill and I wouldn't dream of leaving them anywhere else. Tracey is fantastic with them and has the patience of a saint when it comes to keeping them happy and content. Routine and quality time with them both whether playing in the paddock or getting cuddles (whether she wants them or not) Tracey ensures the lads return happy if not a bit gutted to be returning home.''

Gareth and Dave

''Taking my puppy joules to canine connections was the best decision I have made, it gave me and my family piece of mind that joules would have the best care possible. Joules came back relaxed, well behaved and if she could speak she would probably book herself in for another holiday. We will definitely be booking again, thank you Tracey and Tina and of course Kilo for wearing joules out!!! ''

Big thanks from the Howells family xxxx