Yes I have diversified! From August 2015 I have offered poultry boarding at our new home in Walterstone!

I have been keeping poultry for over 9 years now and understand how important it is when I go away to know my poultry are safe and well cared for.

I can take groups of up to 8 chickens (cockerels welcome), in secure fox-proof houses (one wood, and the rest are recycled plastic) with secure runs. I can also offer a collection and return service.

I will also have available in 2017 a small number of point of lay hens, mostly pure breds, and my own home bred Wheaten Maran fertilised eggs, chicks and hens. I will also have Fawn and White Indian Runner duck fertilised eggs, chicks and female ducks from our fabulous breeding trio. They lay extremely well, and lay beautiful pale bluey green eggs. Please contact me for full details of what I have available now.

I also sell the fantastic Green Frog Designs recycled hen houses! We use these for boarders and they are incredibly easy to clean, very hygienic-prevent red mite!, well ventilated and fabulous looking too. Please see my poultry housing page for full details in the near future-presently under construction.

Please see my terms and conditions for full details, charges etc. If you would like to book please fill in the Poultry Boarding Registration form. You can also contact me on 07735401076

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