The Canine Education Project is dedicated to educating both children and adults about dogs. Providing information on how dogs communicate and learn and importantly how to be safe around dogs.

 I am passionate that the more we can learn about our companion animals, how they think, learn, communicate with us, will give us a greater understanding of how we can live together successfully.


  • Education Talks in schools- Basic animal welfare, helping children overcome fear of dogs, how to behave safely around dogs, reading dog body language. 

  • Education Talks for Adults and Living Positively With your Canine- Learning about your dog, positive rewards, reading dog body language, how your dog communicates as well as helping adults overcome fears about dogs.

  • Children's Dog Handling Classes- Learning how to handle their pet dogs safely and have fun too!
Please contact me for further information and costs on the above

Customer Testimonial

 '' Alex is our 8 year old foster son; He has various additional needs, including cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, and incredibly low self-esteem. Alex was especially fearful of dogs, often cowering away and becoming very distressed when they came into his orbit.

We initially consulted with Tracey whom we instantly connected with and felt would be understanding of Alex’s complex needs. At her recommendation, Alex was first introduced to Lola at our home, as this is where Alex feels most at ease.

The initial meeting (as with all subsequent ones) was carried out in a very controlled, calm and non-threatening manner, where all interaction was totally on Alex’s terms. Within the first hour his body language towards Lola was changing, and within a very short time he asked if we could take her for a walk - we seriously couldn’t believe that such dramatic progress was being made within Alex quite so quickly.

So far we have spent around 5 hours with Tracey and Lola and Alex now regards dogs with a healthy, tentative respect, rather than being consumed by an overwhelming fear. This is life changing stuff for what was once a very frightened little boy and I really can’t recommend them highly enough.''

A Stokes