Welcome. I'm Tracey and I offer Puppy and Dog Training Services in Abergavenny and the surrounding areas. I am a full member of the APDT ( 01223) Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I am also a full member of the Pet Professional Guild.

I have owned dogs for 18 years and have learnt a lot along the way about dog behavior and training.I have always been fascinated about canine behaviour and communication and how dogs learn and have studied various courses to gain a better perspective on understanding the needs of our canine companions. By learning what drives your dog to do things, what motivates them and understanding how a dog learns and communicates with body language is key to training. In a nutshell the more we educate ourselves on a dogs needs and consistently practice rewards based training the better our relationship will be! (It is also useful to have an understanding of how people learn and what motivates them too!).

As well as using positive rewards for training a dog, I also use a clicker for training where appropriate. A clicker is a small device that can be held in the hand easily and when a desired behaviour is offered by the dog, for example a sit, a 'click' is made with the device. This click alerts the dog that it has offered the right behaviour and a reward (treat is given) The clicker offers an effective and consistent way of communicating with your dog that will increase your bond and allows you both to have fun!

 I live in Walterstone with my partner and three rescue dogs, Kilo, Cliffie and Maxi. Kilo takes part in regular Scentwork classes and also enjoys Mantrailing.


  • Full Member of the APDT (01223) http://www.apdt.co.uk/
  • CAP1 Clicker Training (Distinction) with Learning About Dogs (Kay Laurence)
  • Diploma in Pet Bereavement Counselling (Distinction)
  • Member of The Association of Force Free Professionals ( Pet Professional Guild)
  • Student Member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour
  • Certificate in Canine First Aid

I have attended a number of practical handling courses and in order to become a member of the APDT ( Association of Professional Dog Trainers) I had to undergo a stringent practical test as well as an oral and written examination. The pass mark is high so I was thrilled to accepted as a member! I am committed to my Continued Professional Development by regularly attending seminars and lectures and am open to learning more on positive training and coaching techniques.

Recent seminars and courses attended
  • Brenda Aloff 'Fear and Aggression/handling skills' held at High Wycombe  April 2013
  • Grisha Stewart 'BAT Behaviour Adjustment Training held at Stoneigh Park (Kennel Club) May 2013 Covering fear, aggression and also the over boisterous dog
  • Kennel Club day 13th September in Exeter. 'Working with Reactive Dogs' Kirsty Peake. Understanding Dog Law with Trevor Cooper
  • Canine First Aid Course- September 2013
  • New discoveries in Neuroscience in Companion Animals with Patricia McConnell Ph.D- Bristol November 2013
  • BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training for Reactive and Fearful Dogs) Instructors Course. Banbury February 2014
  • Pam Mckinnon Introduction to Scent Work 1. Bath February 2014
  • Became FULL MEMBER of the APDT after a practical, oral and written examination. July 2014
  • Suzanne Clothier-Relationship Centred Training- Reading the dog and the adolescent dog. March 2015
  • Introduction to TTouch with Esther Corrick Nutley Dog Training and Therapies- September 2015
  • Scentwork Wales. Level One and Level Two Scentwork with Theresa Toomey June-November 2016
  • Scentwork Wales Level three and four with Theresa Toomey http://www.dogbehaviouristwales.co.uk/ Jan-June 2017
  • Re-thinking Puppy Socialisation Classes. Webinar with Sarah Whitehead ( Clever Dog Company) June 2017
  • Introduction to Mantrailing hosted by Lyn Caldicott https://www.propupstraining.co.uk/mantrailinguk
  • Scentwork Level 5 with Theresa Toomey
  • A weekend with Kathy Sdao- ( Premack, Classical and Operant conditioning revisited.) September 2017
  • Introduction to Hoopers- with Canine Hoopers UK June 2018 - Accredited Trainer for beginner level.
  • Leslie McDevitt seminar- Control Unleashed hosted by Positive Animal Solutions- May 2018